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Exhibition of local contemporary craft this August

A major exhibition of contemporary craft is taking place at the Burnavon Theatre in Cookstown as part of August Craft Month.

The Artisan Exhibition from August 4–29 features the work of some of Northern Ireland’s most talented makers in jewellery, textiles and ceramics, including Jill Graham, Leonora Ferguson, Diane McCormick, Andrea Hayes, Jacki Sleator and Lynda Hassin.

The work of these six very talented local female artists will be on show in the upstairs gallery space at the Burnavon daily throughout August and a visit to see the quality and range of work is a must – no photograph will do the exhibition justice.

This is the first time that the Burnavon has been involved in August Craft Month. Arts Officer with Cookstown District Council, Mary Crooks looked forward to the event, saying, “We are delighted to be part of Craft NI’s August Craft Month this year, and are keen to demonstrate that there is no shortage of artistic talent in Mid Ulster. Diverse and inspiring, Artisan gives a snapshot of the amazing work being produced locally and I would invite everyone to spare a few minutes to drop into the Burnavon and have a look for themselves at what is going on in our little part of the province.

”The eighth annual celebration of craft, co–ordinated by Craft NI is the largest ever, with more than 100 events taking place throughout Northern Ireland showing how craft’s influence touches on all aspects of life including politics, the environment, business, cultural tourism and education.

Craft NI Chief Executive Alan Kane said this thought–provoking new exhibition exemplified the relevance that high quality, contemporary craft has to wider society.

“Craft occupies a central role in our lives, providing jobs, income, tourist opportunities, a sense of place and community and of course beauty and pleasure. For this year’s August Craft Month we are focusing on the makers themselves, the importance of craft and the relationships that have been forged with other important sectors including business, tourism and education.”

The exhibition is opening during normal hours and from one hour prior to scheduled theatre performances and is on display until Friday 29th August. 

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