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Free Workshops for Local Primary Schools


  Nivelli's War


Cahoots NI, the professional children’s touring theatre company based in Belfast, is offering local Primary Schools an opportunity to avail of a free workshop for pupils aged 7 years old and above as part of their regional tour with an exciting new production, ‘Nivelli’s War’, coming to the Burnavon, Cookstown on Wednesday 12th March.

Nivelli’s War tells the dramatic story of Ernst, a six year old boy evacuated to the countryside from Frankfurt in World War II. When the war ends Ernst finds himself alone with no idea how to get home again. When all seems lost a mysterious stranger comes to his aid; a man who knows the true value of magic. As they travel together, through a war torn world, the stranger instils in the boy a love of conjuring which will last his whole life.
Nivelli’s War is inspired by a true story and is a vivid and moving theatrical account of an incredible journey and a lasting friendship. This enchanting production is a play for all ages from 7 years old above, featuring music, magic and illusion.

During the workshop, two Cahoots NI performers will come to the school and work with classes who are going to see the performance at The Burnavon. Victoria Vettese, Creative Engagement Manager with Cahoots NI says,

“We will bring an illusion with us that is an old antique chest that belongs to The Great Nivelli, that is suspended in the air with a prediction inside. Our aim is to tell the story of Nivelli’s War but interacting with the children and asking them to make decisions as we go which are all random. At the end, the chest will be taken down with a magic ladder and opened to reveal our prediction inside made by The Great Nivelli himself. Children and teachers alike can expect to be dazzled and delighted by the outcome. The prediction can then be brought to the theatre with the children (it will be like an old scroll) and get it signed after the performance by The Great Nivelli – who is played by Dan Gordon.”

Tickets for the performances on Wednesday 12th at 10.30am and 1pm are on sale now, with special group rates available. Schools or community groups that are interested can contact the Burnavon Box Office on 028 8676 9949, or Mary Crooks, Arts and Cultural Officer, at the Burnavon (028 8676 9949 option 3).

Cahoots NI was formed in 2001 by Paul Bosco Mc Eneaney and Zoe Seaton. The Company concentrates on the visual potential of theatre and capitalises upon the age–old popularity of magic and illusion as an essential ingredient in the art of entertaining. Each production is at the centre of a body of outreach work designed to maximise artistic potential, customise the individual theatre experience and extend the imaginative life of the piece beyond the actual event.

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