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Conal’s brand new Bit on the Side bound for Mid–Ulster

If you’re a fan of successful comedian Conal Gallen, brace yourself, as this autumn you’ll get a chance to see Conal like you’ve never seen him before, when his brand new comedy play hits the Burnavon, Cookstown for two nights of comedy mayhem to kick off its Northern Irish run.

Conal takes his hilarious humour to a whole new level in this side–splitting two–act comedy farce, called ‘A Bit on the Side’. Written by Conal and his son Rory, the action takes place in the household of Bridie and Willie Murphy, a couple who have fought the war of marriage for over 30 years.

It is a love story unlike any other! Wandering eyes, wandering feet, wandering hands…It’s all here! Scenes of nudity have been carefully left out in this saga of sex, drugs and deception. (There weren’t any to write about in the first place, says Conal).

Writing and performing for laughs is something that comes naturally to the man dubbed as ‘Ireland’s Ambassador of Comedy’. Conal started performing seriously (that means for money!) with great friend, Cormac Scully as a Duo called ‘The Odd Couple’. “Those were some of the greatest times I ever had” says Conal. “We played the pubs and clubs, where sometimes people didn’t even know we were there!”

Today, Conal is an extremely busy man, touring all over the world throughout the year. His live stand–up shows are exhilarating. His proud boast is that he doesn’t have to resort to using foul language to make people laugh. Indeed, as has proved to hundreds of thousands of people, “if you have to resort to that, then you obviously weren’t funny in the first place”!

Imagine then, the hilarity that this master of comedy has produced in a play that, as he says, was 16 years and 6 weeks in production – 16 years thinking about it and 6 weeks writing!

Join Bridie, Willie, Dick and Cynthia… yes, Cynthia… as this tale of passion and intrigue unfolds on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th September at 8pm nightly. Tickets are on sale now, priced £20.

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