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Dirty Dancin…But not as you know it!

Dirty Dancin…but not as you know it!

Men (and women) of Tyrone, brace yourselves, Maggie Muff is back with a brand new show!

Controversial character Maggie Muff is set to return with a brand new touring production, Dirty Dancin’ in le Shebeen which is at the Burnavon, Cookstown on Saturday 7th February.

As the sequel to the hugely successful 50 Shades of Red, White and Blue; Dirty Dancin’ in le Shebeen is the brain child of writer Leesa Harker, and once again stars Caroline Curran as Maggie Muff.

Leesa Harker has recently set up her own production company, Red Brick Road Productions, and together with Director, Andrea Montgomery, will be bringing Dirty Dancin in le Shebeen to venues throughout Northern Ireland.

Leesa commented “Now that Maggie Muff has been all over the world with my first play, I’m so excited to be bringing her back home where it all began.

“I realised quite quickly after 50 Shades of Red, White and Blue that a high percentage of the audience had never been to the theatre before seeing my play. I asked people why they were ‘theatre virgins’ and got responses such as ‘theatre is not for the working–class’ and ‘it’s all one–sided political plays’ and ‘there’s nothing for young people’. I realised I had the potential to make theatre more accessible to those people who felt excluded and so, I decided to set up my own production company.”

Dirty Dancin’ in le Shebeen is the first big project for Red Brick Road Productions Ltd, set up by Leesa in 2013 after she spotted a gap in the Northern Ireland market for a young dynamic company to produce plays for a mixed audience.

The dust has settled in the estate after the shenanigans of Maggie’s last adventure and now she and her buck–eejit sidekick, Big Sally–Ann, are planning a birthday party in the Shebeen. Big Sally–Ann’s dream is to dance to the last dance from Dirty Dancing at the party – but she can’t find her rhythm, or a dress, or a swimsuit that fits!?! And as if that’s not enough, big Igor ‘the dogger’ gets lifted…and deported. Maggie comes to the rescue – but in the world of ‘The Muff’ things don’t always run as smoothly as planned. Join Maggie and chums for tales of a front wedgie, being caught–short in Zumba, and a friendship that’s tested to the limit.

With a strong female team in Leesa as writer and producer, Belfast actress Caroline Curran, who wowed audiences and critics alike as the original Maggie and Andrea Montgomery on board as director, this latest play looks set to be another huge success. Montgomery and Curran have previously worked together on a number of local productions and are delighted to be teaming up again. Leesa Harker first met Montgomery in 2013 after she wrote and directed The Ulster Kama Sutra and really admired her work.

“I have the ultimate female dream–team working on this play and we are a new tour de force for comedy in Northern Ireland,” says Leesa. “Dirty Dancin’ in le Shebeen is recommended for adults only – young, old and all those in between: males, females and those not quite sure– Prods, Greeners, Buddhists and Hare Krishna’s. Sense of humour and a love for all things ‘Norn Iron’ are a must!”

Tickets for Dirty Dancin in le Shebeen are £15 and on sale now from the Burnavon Box Office at the Burn Road, Cookstown, by telephone on 028 8676 9949 or online at

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